This Working Group was set up in 2018 to: ‘evaluate how the parish council’s Blacknest Fields asset can be used to generate best value for the parish community and bring its recommendations on this matter to the Parish Council for decision. ‘

The current Chair of the Blacknest Fields Working Group is Councillor Alison Melvin.

The Working Group met most recently on 26 January 2021, to comment on the Interim status report compiled by the Working Group’s previous Chair, Councillor John Coney, prior to his resignation from the parish council in December 2020.

Key points from the 26 January 2021 discussion were:

  • The legal status of this land, part of which is a registered Village Green, needs to be fully considered in deciding options for its future use.
  • Work is still needed to complete the ecological survey of the site, that was initiated in 2019 but not completed, so that opportunities for improving species abundance and diversity can properly be assessed.
  • There is strong community support to remedy drainage issues which currently compromise the bridleway condition; and to explore the possibility of connecting the bridleway with pathways in Alice Holt forest.