This Working Group was set up in 2018 to: ‘evaluate how the parish council’s Blacknest Fields asset can be used to generate best value for the parish community and bring its recommendations on this matter to the Parish Council for decision. ‘

The current Chair of the Blacknest Fields Working Group is Councillor Alison Melvin.

Since its last meeting (January 2021), the Working Group has been compiling a Dossier of Evidence, to provide a full, robust and unbiased body of evidence about the site and the potential site uses that have been suggested. The Dossier is framed as a series of questions which seek to clarify five key points:

1.   Is BPC meeting its obligations for Blacknest Fields? (public access, trees, drainage, fencing)

2.  Is Blacknest Fields an ecologically valuable site, or ‘just another grazing field’?

3.  What potential uses could the site serve?

4.  Should the site be retained or sold?

5.  What ‘next steps’ are now needed?

The Evidence Dossier (and Executive Summary) is now complete (see attachments). Based on this information, the Working Group strongly believes Blacknest Fields should not be sold.

  • At 6 July Parish Council meeting, the Working Group will present a motion not to divest the Blacknest Fields site, on which the parish council will vote.
  • On 23 June at 19:30, members of the Working Group will hold a short Zoom briefing meeting, to share key points in the Evidence Dossier with parish councillors and any interested members of the public, in preparation for the July meeting.  Please contact the Parish Clerk or Deputy Clerk if you would like to join this meeting.