Over 5,000 objections

As of March 19, we are delighted to be able to tell you that the total number of objections to Veolia’s planning application for an enormous incinerator on the A31 near Alton, has now topped 5,000. This impressive figure represents the 3,300 submitted in the first round of public consultation, plus a further 1,900 recorded from the second round to date.

At present, we cannot be certain that Hampshire County Council has finished loading all objections. However, we do know that they have added a significant number received in late February and early March, beyond the consultation deadline of February 15.

A date for the Regulatory Committee to consider this planning application is yet to be set. Meetings are suspended for the next two months pending local council elections so the committee will not meet until mid-June at the earliest. As well as this mailing list, you can also follow developments on our websiteFacebook and Twitter.

2021 Census

Please see link to EHDC census page

For help with competing the census please call 0800 141 2021 or visit the website

Find February’s parish magazine online

This February’s Bentley and Binsted Parish Magazine will be online only. This has been decided by the ‘BenBinFro’ team, in view of the current lockdown restrictions. Regardless of lockdown, the newsletter remains a good read. Who could dislike a parish magazine with a recipe for Chocolate Ganache Tarts?!

You can find the online magazine here;

You’ll also find on the website details of how to join the online church services through the BenBinFro YouTube Channel. Or you can follow ‘BenBinFro Churches’ on Facebook, or @benbinfro_churches on Instagram.

Assembling the second kissing gate

New year, new kissing gates!

Thanks to the Binsted Rights of Way Group, our footpaths between South Hay and Wheatley (paths 18 and 16b) now have two new kissing gates. The joint project involved funding from Hampshire County Council, support from the landowner and some hard labour from our Rights of Way Group volunteers, who turned out on a wintry day to carry out the project under the guidance of Adam Macey, Hampshire County Council’s Community Engagement Ranger.

Modern kissing gates are quite large, so they can accommodate a wheelchair. The normal action of the gate is for it to swing back within the circular structure, but there is a special arrangement for anyone who is wheelchair-dependent, whereby the gate can be released to swing the other way when opened by a Radar key.

Note: Binsted’s rights of ways volunteers regularly inspect and maintain our paths and bridleways, but anyone can report and track rights of way problems, using Hampshire’s Countryside Access Management website:

Thanks to group member Claire Wood for the photographs.

Polite reminder about Dog Foul – It is an offence not pick it up!

It is an offence not to clean up after your dog has fouled.  If you do not clear up your dogs waste you could be liable to prosecution and face a fine!

Dog waste is associated with a number of diseases including Toxocariasis.  Toxocara is a roundworm commonly found in dogs.  Eggs can pose a heath risk if they come into contact with the mouth, particularly to small children causing stomach upsets, sore throat, asthma and in some cases blindness.  The eggs remain active in the soil for years, long after any dog waste has weathered away.

The Parish Council would like to remind everyone its every owners duty to clean up after their dog.  There are no excuses.  Fouling is unacceptable.

We would remind you to always carry a few bags with you to pick up the waste and then place it in one of the bins.  If you are caught short without a bag at the Recreation Ground there is a spade kept at the back of the Pavilion to pick it up.

It is an offence not to pick up the waste on all land, both public and private to which the public has access: Highways (including private roads), footways, open spaces, playing fields / public parks, verges, play areas, canal towpaths, public footpaths, bridleways and adjoining verges.  Some areas exempt are: Road & adjoining land with a speed limit of more than 40mph, woodland or agricultural land, marshland, moor or heath and rural common land.

Please pick it up!  The Council will actively enforce this as it has become particularly unacceptable along The Street and most days at The Recreation Ground.

Thank you


Dear All,

Please be advised that the Co-op Covid-19 Fund is now open for grant applications from charities, community groups and voluntary organisations working to tackle food poverty, to help vulnerable people across Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

Grants of between £1,000 to £5,000 are available for projects that provide access to nutritious food and balanced meals, redistribute surplus food, help educate on shopping smartly to make low cost meals, limit food waste and prioritise the wellbeing of children and young people impacted by food poverty.

For more information or to apply via the HIWCF website, please go to: [] before midday on 13th November 2020.

Stay safe and well,

  HIWCF Team 


Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Foundation  

Westgate Chambers, Staple Gardens, Winchester, SO23 8SR

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Veolia Scoping Report