Alison Melvin

I have enjoyed living in Frith End since 1997 and I’m keen to support the local community and help improve the quality of life across the parish. I’m a keen gardener and environmentalist, with particular interests in: reducing plastic consumption; cycling and walking; local food; and the ways in which the natural environment benefits human health and wellbeing. I’m a founder of the Binsted Eco Network.


  • Chair
  • Highways Chair
  • Chair of Blacknest Fields Working Group and Binsted Recreation Working Group
  • Local contact point for Frith End

Ryan France Moore


  • Local contact point for Isington
  • Ryan has lived in Isington for five years and loves the area.  He is a new dad, with a fun loving toddler and an energetic dog.  He runs the Isington Neighbourhood Watch and works full time as a Firefighter.
  • Ryan’s priorities are protecting and preserving the area, and helping the residents stay safe and connected with each other.  When time allows, his hobbies include spending time with his family, writing, recording and teaching music, growing fruit & veg and cooking

Clair Walley

Local contact for Binsted

Councillor Lizzie Kotze

Lizzie Kotze

Liz Kotze represents the village of Bucks Horn Oak, nestled between Alice Holt and Bentley Station. She has lived in BHO for 2 and a half years and has 2 children who attend Rowledge Primary. She works full time but when time allows can be found running/walking in the woods with the children.


  • Local contact point for Bucks Horn Oak

Nicola Hall

Local contact for Rowledge

Chris Meade

Local contact point for Rowledge

Chris has lived in Rowledge for the last 35 years or so and is married with 2 adult children and 4 grandsons (so far!).

His career has been mainly in the recruitment sector working both for one of the big industry “names” and also running his own business. Interests beyond family and friends include playing badminton and restoring classic cars.