There are eleven grit bins which contain road salt in Binsted Parish, as listed below.

These are to provide grit for use in public areas and are not for personal use. Indeed, Hampshire County Council reserves the right to remove bins where the contents are being continually taken for private use.

The parish council periodically checks the levels of grit in the bins – the latest dates that they were checked are shown below.

If you find any of these bins are low on salt, please be a good citizen and go to the Hampshire County County website – Road salt (grit) bins | Hampshire County Council ( – to make a “refill a salt bin” request. HCC will refill the salt bins as soon as they reasonably can, and in bad weather they endeavour to fill up empty bins from gritting lorries being deployed in that area.

1 Binsted Pavilion Car Park 06-Jan-21
2 Isington Lane – opposite Miller’s House Cottage
3 Station Road/Weybank 06-Jan-21
4 School Lane, Rowledge 07-Jan-21
5 Dockenfield Road/Street (opposite Boundary Road junction) 03-Jan-21
6 Wheatley Lane – Opposite Wheatley House 10/01/2021
7 Wheatley Lane – Half way down the hill, above Hoggatts Cottage 11/01/2021
8 Wheatley Lane – bottom of hill, below Hoggatts 12/01/2021
9 South Hay – junction of Isington Road/ Stubbs Farm Lane opposite Colesons 29/01/2021
10 Wyck – at the X roads by the Parish Council notice board 06-Jan-21
11 Mill Court Lane – T junction opposite The Lodge 06-Jan-21