Forecasting the risks of flooding

The Environment Agency monitors groundwater levels, rainfall and weather predictions to keep the risks of flooding under constant review.

In areas where flooding is a concern, the Environment Agency talks to the local authority and other responding partners to ensure they are aware of the situation, and takes actions to ensure rivers are flowing freely, for example by removing blockages from rivers. If the situation worsens and flooding is expected the Environment Agency will issue a groundwater flood alert.

Actions and advice for citizens

Call Floodline on 0345 988 118 or go online to the Environment Agency website Environment Agency – GOV.UK ( to find out if you can register to receive free Flood Alerts for flooding from groundwater.

Visit the Environment Agency website Environment Agency – GOV.UK ( for local river levels and flooding information.

If you are worried about flooding in your area:

  • Review your individual and community group flood plans.
  • Check pumps and any other flood protection equipment you have.
  • Keep drains and gullies around your property free of debris.
  • Move valuables from basements and cellars.

Further information: For information on groundwater levels and the water situation report visit the Environment Agency website Environment Agency – GOV.UK (

You can also get practical advice on what to do before, during and after groundwater flooding from the Environment Agency website above.