Assembling the second kissing gate

New year, new kissing gates!

Thanks to the Binsted Rights of Way Group, our footpaths between South Hay and Wheatley (paths 18 and 16b) now have two new kissing gates. The joint project involved funding from Hampshire County Council, support from the landowner and some hard labour from our Rights of Way Group volunteers, who turned out on a wintry day to carry out the project under the guidance of Adam Macey, Hampshire County Council’s Community Engagement Ranger.

Modern kissing gates are quite large, so they can accommodate a wheelchair. The normal action of the gate is for it to swing back within the circular structure, but there is a special arrangement for anyone who is wheelchair-dependent, whereby the gate can be released to swing the other way when opened by a Radar key.

Note: Binsted’s rights of ways volunteers regularly inspect and maintain our paths and bridleways, but anyone can report and track rights of way problems, using Hampshire’s Countryside Access Management website:

Thanks to group member Claire Wood for the photographs.