Every public library in Hampshire offers a warm welcome to all members of the local community.
Inside our buildings you can find:

• Warm and vibrant spaces to read, work, relax and socialise
• a national and some local newspapers
• Magazines and books
• Free WiFi
• Free public computers
• Printing and photocopying (available for a small charge)
• Boardgames and jigsaws
• Welcoming library staff and volunteers – who will all be wearing an ID badge, so they are easy to spot

Click here for  and  Warm Box poster Children A4 LOCAL ,   Warm Box poster  for Adults A4 LOCAL

and Warm and Welcome Spaces – Power Point advocacy pack

In addition, They are distributing Winter Warm Packs from public libraries across 11 Hampshire Districts in October. The Warm Packs, which are supported through the Household Support Grant, include:

  • Thermal gloves, hat and scarf
  • Warm socks
  • Lidded coffee cup
  • Fleece or gilet
  • Hot water bottle
  • Food bank/Community Pantry voucher

We have Winter Warm Packs to give out to your service users who need them most. Our libraries are hosting ‘collection days’ when the users you refer can collect their Winter Warm Pack, from a dedicated collection point, have a drink and snack and learn more about the support libraries can offer.

We have also invited key local partners, including Citizen’s Advice and representatives from local food banks/community pantries, to be at the collection day to provide additional information on local support.’

Best wishes,

Hannah Baynham (she/her)Community Project OfficerEast Hampshire District Council Penns Place, Petersfield GU31 4EX