The Alice Holt Arboretum was planted in the 1950s by foresters based at the Alice Holt Research Station in order to provide a tree species collection from around the world for the purposes of selective breeding and research. After years of neglect the Arboretum has now been restored to its former glory by the hard work of the Alice Holt Community Forum in conjunction with the Forestry Commission.

The arboretum hosts a tree collection of national and international importance and enables public access for the quiet enjoyment of the tree collection and the natural environment. The arboretum is important for its collection of conifers, including several species that are scarce or endangered in their wild habitats. Particularly impressive is the Coast Redwood grove where trees planted in the 1950’s have already reached about 25 metres high. There are important collections of broad leaved trees too, including the Italian alders as well as many fine oaks, sweet chestnuts and ancient yews which ring the area.

Following the hard work of many volunteers of the Alice Holt Community Forum, the Alice Holt Arboretum is ready for you to visit. Click on links below for a Trail Map and Booklet:

Alice Holt Arboretum Tree Trail Map

Tree Trail Leaflet