Planning applications in the parish are submitted to one of two local planning departments, according to the property’s location: East Hampshire District Council’s planning department or South Downs National Park planning authority.

The Parish Council planning committee normally* meets once per month. Details of the next meeting can be found below in the document table [* If there are tight deadlines, the planning committee may meet more frequently.]

The Parish Council planning committee is made up of several of the Parish Council members. The committee does not have any power to Permit or Refuse an application. Its task is an advisory one, as a consultee. Other consultees can include Hampshire Highways, the water and drainage companies, the fire service, the police, the environmental health department, etc.

The Parish Council looks at each application, using its experience and its local knowledge of the area, to advise the relevant Planning Officers of its thoughts. For example, the parish council may object to certain parts of an application, based on its scale or its location. However, these objections are just advice and the final decision always lies with the Planning Officers.

The parish council cannot simply decide that it likes or dislikes a planning application: its decisions and recommendation have to take into account planning law and national guidelines, any locally approved planning policies and opinions voiced by the public. Since passing its Climate and Nature policy the council also asks the question ‘what impact could this decision have on climate change and nature?’ when evaluating planning applications.

Members of the public are welcome to attend our planning meetings. If doing so, it’s helpful if you can let the Clerk know in advance. After the planning committee discusses each application, the public are allowed a short amount of time to add any comments for or against the application. The planning committee members then vote on their decision, which is written into the minutes of the meeting and sent to relevant Planning Office.

Note: Both East Hampshire and SDNPA planning websites have a range of useful planning information, such as building control and planning advice and guidance, information on Tree Preservation Orders, major planning applications within the area, conservation and street naming and numbering.  This is also where you would go if you wanted to change the name of your house.

The Parish Council planning committee normally meets once per month. Currently these Planning meetings are merged into the Full Council meetings. Details of planning meetings are found here; Binsted Parish Council Meetings.  Please also note that, if there are tight planning deadlines, the planning committee may meet more frequently than once per month.