Highways and Greener Transport Committee

Have your say! Until 26 June 2022, Hampshire County Council is consulting on a new Local Transport Plan (LTP4) (link: https://www.hants.gov.uk/transport/localtransportplan/haveyoursay) to inform the final strategy that will be adopted in 2023.  The new plan seeks to be carbon neutral, resilient and to put a focus on people, rather than roads.

Binsted’s Speed Indicator Device: Excessive traffic speeds on local roads remain a big concern. The parish council owns one vehicle-activated sign flashing mobile speed indicator sign (known as a ‘SID’), which is managed by the parish council with the kind help of four volunteers. The SID unit is rotated around ten locations across the parish (as shown on the map) and collects data on volume and speed of traffic.

The speed and volume of traffic through Frith End and Blacknest is a particular concern. During Summer 2022 the parish council is working with parishioners to conduct a Rapid Evidence Review to identify key issues and potential improvements.

Greener Transport

Greener Transport: In Autumn 2020, the parish council undertook a ‘Safer Cycle Routes’ survey, as part of wider discussions about how what could be done to make our local transport options ‘greener’.

The safety of the Shipwrights Way A325 crossing point at Bucks Horn Oak was identified as a priority issue by the survey. Additional road signage, bollard and safety barriers were installed at the crossing point in 2021. The parish council continues to press for further safety improvements at this point.

The Alton Cycling Charter, which sets out a vision for improved cycling safety and infrastructure in and around Alton, is supported by Binsted Parish Council. Citizens can also add their digital signature to the Charter. (link: Cycle Alton | Alton Climate Action Network (altonclimatenetwork.org.uk)]