Our new, flashing Speed Sign

The excessive speed of traffic on our local roads remains a big concern.

In 2020, the parish council took delivery of its new, vehicle-activated sign flashing mobile speed indicator sign. This mobile unit will be moved around ten locations in the parish (shown on the map), spending about three weeks at each. Moving the sign around from place to place apparently makes people pay a tiny bit more notice of the signs.

The devices are fitted with data units, which collect information on volume and speed of traffic. This will give the council some evidence to lobby the local authority and police about problems.

Moving the mobile unit from one location to the next is a task that’s so far  fallen to the parish councillors. If anyone would be interested in volunteering to help us with this, do please get in touch with the Parish Clerk.

SID flashing speed sign

Greener Transport

In Autumn 2020, the parish council started to discuss how low-carbon transport in the parish could be encouraged; and what could be done to make our local transport options ‘greener’.

Current discussions are focusing on the parish’s cycle network, particularly on ways to make it safer for cyclists. We’re encouraging everyone – cyclists or not – to spare five minutes to complete our ‘Safer Cycle Routes’ questionnaire: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SaferCyclingBinsted

The safety of the Shipwrights Way A325 crossing point at Bucks Horn Oak, and access routes to Bentley Station, are particular concerns, so we’d especially like to hear your ideas for improvements at these spots.